After two months of pre-season, Techtro FC is finally all set to participate in their first official
tournament, the Lucknow District League, at the super division stage.This is the biggest chance for the
newly built side to prove their ability, skills and talents infront of people and the players are really
excited as well as prepared for this challenge.
The basic task for a manger before any tournament is to finalize an intitial squad for the tournament,
which in this case was helped by the pre-season friendlies played by Techtro. After working hard in preseason training and matches Techtro Fc Manager-Coach, Mr. Neeraj kholiya short-listed 24 players for
the League.
TheThe selected 24 players are as follows:
*Goalkeepers*- Abhishek Rawat ,Himanshu Bhatt,Rudra Pratap Singh,Rohit Trivedi
*Defenders:*-Abhay Yadav,Harish Bhatt,Pradeep Kumar,Vishnu Prabhakar,Mohit Gupta,Sachin
Parihar,Abhishek Kumar,Kartik Bisht
*Midfielders:*-Bharat Danu,Ajeet Yadav,Ranjit Pariyar,Prashant Yadav
*Forwards:*-Asim Faraz,Rohan Kumar,Himanshu Thapa,Priyanshu Verma,Atul Yadav
Moving forward came in the much awaited draw for the group stage matches.
Techtro Fc was placed on group E after the draw with some experienced and good clubs from the city,
namely, Red star F.C , Sports college F.C and Unique FootballClub.
*LUCKNOW District Football League:*
Techtro Fc’s schedule was out and their first challenge upcoming are Red Star Football Club. Next up
they will be facing another team to watch out for, and one of the best rated team of Group E, which is
the Sports College FC, on 1st of August, before playing their final group stage fixture against Unique
Football Club, on 3rd August with just a one day gap between these two matches. Techtro will kick start
their campaign against Red Star FC on 21st July, at 3:00 PM IST.
The fixtures being small seems easy apparently but the story inside is different. This will be Techtro FC’s
first official tournament and hence major pressures will be working on their minds. Not only do they
hope for a good start, but in order to begin great things, they will first need to make a name for
themselves by finishing in a great position at the end of the tournament. In addition to all these, another
major stress working in their minds would be, qualifying to the knowckout stages, because,
only one team will be going through to the knockout stages in the form of the group toppers. For
additional information it can be added that, in terms of any draw situation, goal difference between
teams will be considered for qualification to knockouts which is why they will need to maintain a good
Goal scoring record as well.
Over all the task is tough, but after a wonderful preseason campaign, it can be well said that Techtro FC
is up and ready for the task.
Techtro fc going to participate with a very young squad with 19 year age as average age of the entire
squad and and also is focussing on bringing up the local talents to limelight while most of them might
have gone ignored considering their young age. Techtro FC believes in talents and hence have decided
to have the courage to make this move with their young bunch of talented players.
It can be said that, Techtro FC is excited and ready to show their game style, skills, and quality, and
impress the audience with their wonderful display of football, once the league kick starts.
*Probable Lineup:*
With the first match coming of the league coming up on 21st, it can be assumed that the manager
would’t be doing much experiments with the pre-season friendly lineups.
Back Line –
Left back – Abhay Yadav 2-centre back- Harish Bhatt , Kartik bisht ( This duo is playing together from 6
years in centre back position from school team to Techtro F.C ) and Kartik is also 2nd Division I-League
Player , Right back- Sachin Parihar ( is also 2nd Division I-League Player )
MIDDefensive midfielder- Ajit Yadav ( I-League U18 Player )
Central Mid fielder- Ranjit Pariyar, Prashant Yadav
FORWARDLeft wing- Priyanshu Verma
Right wing- Rohan Kumar
Centre Forward- Himanshu Thapa