The level of keenness of players is boundless as Techtro FC is all set to embark on its tour of Minerva academy. The one-week tour is scheduled from 27th August 2019 to 3rd September 2019. Techtro squad is looking forward to this tour as a great opportunity to learn, explore and test their spirits against one of the best clubs in India. Minerva Punjab FC has produced more than 65+ National players till now and counts as the most successful club at the youth level. Techtro FC, although currently at its initial developing phase, looks forward to learn and explore to rise up to the level where it too will be known for its efforts and talent.

Team Techtro is all good-to-go and will board for Chandigarh soon. The team is looking forward to their first encounter with the Punjab guys. Considering the past performances of both clubs, it would be apt to say that both teams are inseparable and magnificent in their own ways. The level of excitement of Techtro is paralleled by an equal level of nervousness the team is going through because of an unexpected turn of events. Techtro FC star strikers Himanshu Thapa, Rohan, Atul, and best midfielders Ajit Yadav, CB Vishnu, and Mohit will miss the exposure tour for medical and other reasons.

With their star players missing the tour, things might turn out to be a bit challenging for Techtro. The team manager has announced the new squad considering the past performance of players. After the announcement of the new squad, now the responsibility lies with the players to bring out their best on-field. More than anything, the young enthusiasts of Techtro are grateful for this opportunity and pumped up with zeal to put out their best versions on-field.                                                                                                                                                                                      Both sides are geared up for the face-off which is scheduled for the 28th and 30th of August 2019. With a positive mindset and a winning spirit, the Techtro squad is eager to begin their exposure tour.