In the first match of pre-season exposure tour, 2020, Techtro FC gave a tough fight for the opponents for a deserving victory. Techtro 11 with their resilient mindset and unwavering attitude turned the tables around for a win over team Defending Champions and gave a brilliant start to the exposure tour.

Both the teams started out strong and were inseparable in their efforts to score the opening goal. The first blow came at the 12th minute when Techtro’s goalkeeper misinterpreted and gifted a goal to Defending Champions player Aman. This 12th-minute lead was very crucial for Defending Champions after which they denied Techtro’s efforts to score. Forward player Himanshu Thapa, also the vice-captain, created many chances in the next 20 minutes of the game but was denied by a very tight defensive formation by Defending Champions. The next blow for Techtro came at the 34th minute when the goalkeeper was caught flatfooted by a sublime shot at the frame by Umar of the Defending Champions, which gave them the lead of 2-0 against Techtro at the end of the first half. Techtro was struggling in the first half to maintain composure.
Techtro made a strong comeback in the second half. The match took a turn in favor of Techtro at the 56th minute when they were awarded a free kick outside the box. Priyanshu Verma curled a stunning strike giving no chance to the goalkeeper to make it 2-1 for Techtro. The momentum now shifted with Techtro and at 78th minute they scored the equalizer. Ranjit Pariyar was well-positioned to convert Prashant Yadav’s cross into a diving header and gave a much-needed leveler. With the score tied up, the match went to its penalty round to declare a winner. The consistent 5 hits and 2 saves by goalkeeper Abhishek Rawat made Techtro the winners of the tie with 5 goals to three in favor of Techtro. The match was filled with pressure, excitement, and satisfaction at the end. After a slow but strong start to the campaign, Techtro is all set for its next challenge.