Making Grassroots Football The Future of  India

As a part of the celebration of AFC Grassroot day on 15th May 2021, Techtro Swades United FC arranged an online fest to spread awareness about grassroots football and its merit in the near future. The event was conducted for four different age categories in which more than 200 players participated from all over India.

Vision And Mission of AFC Grassroot Football

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) defines Grassroots football as ‘All football which is non-professional and non-elite.’ It intends to bring all together by providing access to Football regardless of age, gender, physical condition, skin color, religion, or ethnic origin. The primary aim of Grassroots Football is to make football a more inclusive sport, a sport of choice, keeping the social strata aside. The broader vision of AFC Grassroot Football is to ramp up the scope of football in India by reaching out to various communities. They seek to achieve this through a three-fold approach focusing on coach education, organizing regular events, and implementing comprehensive development programs by working with all stakeholders.

Activities Organized by Techtro Swades in the Event

Techtro Swades United FC took a wonderful initiative and organized an online fest featuring various fun activities to ensure the participant’s active involvement. As a part of generating awareness, Team Techtro also organized special webinars and invited various people related to the field of football.

Techtro FC organized Fun games of three different types- the Juggling challenge, Quiz competition, and Fitness Challenge.

Team Techtro encountered wonderful enthusiasm on part of the young participants. Where Hussain from Belgaum, Karnataka showcased his wonderful skills to win the juggling challenge, 12-year-old Trijal’s wit helped him won the Quiz competition, and Aaradya won the Fitness Challenge. 

In Open Boys Category Fitness Challenge, Vikas Karki impressed everyone with his strength and won the challenge. In the Open Girl’s Category, on the other hand, Dhanashri attains the title. For the Juggling challenge in the open boy’s category, Prateek Srivastava grabs the title with a nonstop juggling for about 6 min 12 sec. In the girl’s category, Tanisha Gupta from Punjab surprised the audience by her nonstop Juggling for about 18 min 6 sec and acquit herself with an honorable record.

In the AFC grassroots freestyle challenge (15/05/2021-25/05/2021), the title was crowned to Himanshu Thapa from Lucknow and Tanisha Gupta from Punjab as runner up. This challenge got an overwhelming response and registered participation of 40 players out of which only 4 made it to the finale and at last a winner was declared. The decision was taken on a 50-50 vote basis considering both the decision of the judges and online likes on the post.

All these challenges get more than 82000+ audience engagement just in one week which was a remarkable thing for team Techtro. The last day of this event was marked with a quiz competition. The game of brain witnessed a close competition between Ranjit Pariyar from Lucknow and Ranggira Marak from Meghalaya. Lucknow guy Ranjit booked first place by outmaneuvering his opponent with a score of 180 against his opponent’s 175. Overall the event was a success and was able to reach out to people to create awareness.