A squad of 21 men for Techtro FC was announced by club manager Neeraj Kholiya, which is all set to create history by participating in the Lucknow District League. The league is set to commence in the month of July itself at the prestigious Chowk Stadium, the ultimate ground for most Lucknow football fanatics. The squad has been hand-picked owing to the performance of the players in various friendly matches which were played prior to the start of the league.
A lethal and speedy lot of forwards has been called out for this league which includes the likes of Himanshu Thapa, Priyanshu Verma, Rohan Kumar, Asim Faraz and Atul Yadav. This group of five forwards are famous in the city for their goal scoring abilities. The team has high expectations from their prolific goal-scorer Himanshu Thapa who has produced a number of spectacular goals in the past many friendly matches.
One can expect an amazing set of crosses and through balls from four midfielders who are selected to put on the Techtro FC jersey in the league. Their names are Bharat Danu, Ajeet Yadav, Ranjit Pariyar and Prashant Yadav.
The most experienced bunch of players will be the ones defending the goal. The list includes a total of eight names which are Abhay Yadav, Harish Bhatt, Pradeep Kumar, Vishnu Prabhakar, Mohit Gupta, Sachin Parihar, Abhishek Kumar and Kartik Bisht. Kartik Bisht and Sachin Parihar are expected to showcase their experience of the I-League 2nd division on the pitch.
Last but not the least, Techtro manager has announced an astonishing set of four goalkeepers to stop the opposition from scoring. The goalkeepers include Abhishek Rawat, Himanshu Bhatt, Rohit Trivedi and Rudra Pratap Singh.