Techtro FC was ready to face their first official challenge in the form of Red Star FC.The boys along with
the manger and the entire unit showed up for the match. The buildup to kick off was calm, and so was
the weather.There was a air of nervousness around the stadium, as well as a feel of confidence all over.
The weather was calm, like the calmness before a storm. May be, of something great coming.
The game kicked of at 3:00 pm with nervousness and excitement in heart the young lads started of their
journey, and it was only 5 minutes into the game when Himanshu put the ball past their opponent
keeper to make it 1:0 for Techtro FC. The second goal came in a similar manner when Ajit doubled the
lead for Techtro within 2 minutes of the first goal. It was 2:0 in favour of Techtro FC by the 8th minute of
the match. Things were in control already as two early goals had already probable shaken up the
opponent defence. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Goals flooded the stadium as Techtro FC were
4:0 up by half time, with 2 more goals from Himanshu Thapa, at the 17th minute and 24th minute of the
game, to complete his hatrrick in the first half of the match itself.
Red Star FC were surely not expecting this, as it was a shocking display. They were looking to change
things and plan to atleast take 1 point out of this match if possible. But Techtro FC had other plans in
mind. They were confident and their confidence was boosted to a high level after scoring 4 goals
already. It was like the storm we predicticted. The second half started but the story remained the same,
with Techtro FC dominating proceedings even afrer a change of ends. And another goal was a wait of
time when Himanshu booted a quick pass home in the 55th minute to make it 5 for TFC and 4 for
himself. Goals kept raining, as with 2 back to back goals in the 78th minute of the match from Himanshu
and Prashant. It was 7:0 and anybody could predict the outcome of this game.The humiliation though
wasn’t complete as their star man Bharat Danu was yet to score a goal which he did at the 87th minute
of the match to make it 8:0 for Techtro FC.
It was Full time in moments, and Techtro FC had sailed past Red Star FC beating them by a gigantic 8:0
Margin. It was humiliation for the opponents, while a dream start to the Journey of Techtro FC. A
wonderful result with cheers and smiles all over the Techtro camp, as their first obstacle was done and
dusted very well. The game wasn’t atall easy but the young boys of Techtro showed their hard work and
passion on field. They made it seem like a cake walk, but it was their excellence which helped them past
their first hurdle with ease.
That was all for Match Day one as Techtro FC gets top of the table with 3 points courtesy a huge 8:0 win
taking their GD(Goal Differennce) up to a massive “+8”.They clearly made a statement that they are well
in ,
as a contender for the knockout stages, and the other teams need to be ready as a new force is in the
Techtro FC will move next to face the toughest team of their group, Sports College FC, on 1st of August.
Kick off time: 3:00 pm