‘Start with a blast’ would be the apt phrase to use for Techtro FC after their dazzling start in the Lucknow District Football League. In their first-ever official match, team Techtro put on a marvelous display to mark their first historical win by 8-0, denying the opponent any chance to score. The entire team showed up with great enthusiasm at Chowk stadium for a head-to-head with Red Star. The atmosphere of the stadium was a mix of excitement on part of the audience and enthusiasm and nervousness on the part of the players.

The whistle of the referee at sharp 3:00 PM marked not only the beginning of the match but also the beginning of the attacking mode of team Techtro. Forwards Himanshu Thapa and Atul Yadav began their aggressive game right from the start. Himanshu Thapa chased the ball and fired a shot into the net in the first 5 minutes of the game. It took no time for the scoreboard to update from 1 to 2, when at 7th minute forward Atul Yadav thrashed another successful goal. The two goals in the first ten minutes have pumped up the players with a great sense of zeal. Red Star tried to gain momentum by creating many chances to goal but was denied any chance by the zestful defenders and goalkeeper of Techtro. In the first half only, the scoreboard of Techtro FC escalates from 2-0 to 4-0 after two more goals by star forward Himanshu Thapa at 17th and 24th minute marking his Hattrick.

After the first half, Red Star FC came under immense pressure and tried incessantly to get that one shot. The momentum seemed to be shifting completely with Techtro. With a 4-0 lead young Techtro players played with slightly less pressure and successfully thrashed another 4 goals in the second half. At  55th minute Himanshu Thapa smoothly netted the 5th goal for the team also upgrading the list of his goals from 3- 4. The attacking and enthusiasm of Techtro were not diminished here and the audience was pumped up with excitement when at 78th minute 2 back-to-back goals were thrashed by Himanshu Thapa and Midfielder Prashant Yadav.


When everyone thought the match was over, midfielder Bharat Danu strikes a magnificent goal in the 87th minute and provided a beautiful closure to the game. The match was a great booster for Techtro on the way to their new journey. Beating Red Star FC in their very first match was not easy but the dedication and passion of young players got them their first victory in their very first official match.

Maintaining 8-0 ratio difference points out to the talent and technique these young individuals possess. Techtro has set a benchmark from their game and has proved themselves as a  strong competitor of this new football era. After clearing the first hindrance the team is all set to face Sports College FC on 1st August at chowk stadium.