On its journey to be the leading football club, Techtro FC has stepped upon another ladder by registering their first-ever victory in the inaugural match of a state-level tournament. At Maharani Surath Kumari Public State Football Tournament, Techtro had a face-off with Pilibhit. Keeping an account of the past performances of Pilibhit, the Techtro guys haven’t even mistakenly underestimated their opponent and entered the stadium with a resolute mindset.

From the beginning, the match maintained exciting energy as both teams were inseparable in their incessant efforts to hit the ball into the net. Both of them denied the other the chance to gain any advantage until the 14th minute when things went in favor of Techtro FC. Techtro star player Himanshu Bhatt netted the first goal for his team gaining the advantage over the opponent. Techtro now with a lead of 1-0 played with a euphoric energy and created many good chances to score but was halted by the strong defense of Pilibhit every time. The first half ended with no addition of goals by any team.

Right from the beginning of the second half, Pilibhit was in attacking mode and tried to gain a certain advantage but Techtro defenders were successful in keeping them at bay. Techtro confirmed its victory after Ankit dribbled the ball and fired a goal past the opposing team’s goalkeeper. By scoring a goal in each half, Techtro dominated the game throughout against district football association Pilibhit. With Techtro having the lead of 2-0, things were expected to end with Pilibhit having nothing in its possession. But as the match was approaching the last few minutes, Pilibhit bounced back by converting a penalty and upgraded their side of the scoreboard to 1. Players of both teams struggled till last but overall the match went in favor of Techtro FC. With the final score of 2-1, Techtro ensured its victory. Despite having a strong opponent, the combination of hard work and coordination of the Techtro squad paved the way towards their victory.