After registering their first historical win in district league championship over Red star Football club ,
Techtro Football club are now ready to face Sports College Lucknow on today in their second group
match fixture. The group story is same for both the team’s Techtro Football Club scored 8 goals against
red star and sports college have also scored 8 goals against Red star star, so it will be going a good head
to head match fight between both team’s. The main story is here only one team will be qualify for next
round from each group,so it’s a must win game for both the team’s, whoever team will win they were
qualify for the knockouts looking after this type of calculation this will be really interesting match
between both the team’s. Both the team’s are good and it’s seems to be a 50-50 battle between both
the team’s.
Techtro Football club player’s are pumped up in their recent practice season’s , they have defeated 11
Gorkha Rifle’s (Indian Army team) by 4-1 score line in their practice match, they are very boosted and
pumped up for this interesting battle.
Match will be starting at 3 pm venue will be Chowk stadium Lucknow. Both team player’s are hopping
for a good support from their supporters and also for a good weather condition for playing this type of
interesting clash.
After good run at the goal post Techtro F.C goalkeeper Rudra Pratap Singh is getting rest, At the goal
keeping position Himanshu Bhatt will be picked for this match and he is going to play his debut match
for Techtro F.C .
BACK LINE – Back will be same as the last match.
Left back – Abhay Yadav 2-centre back- Harish Bhatt , Kartik bisht ( This duo is playing together from 6
years in centre back position from school team to Techtro F.C ) and Kartik is also 2nd Division I-League
Player , Right back- Sachin Parihar ( is also 2nd Division I-League Player )
MID- Mid will also be same as the last matchDefensive midfielder- Ajit Yadav ( I-League U18 Player )
Central Mid fielder- Ranjit Pariyar, Prashant Yadav
ForwardLeft wing- Priyanshu Verma
Right wing- Rohan Kumar
Centre Forward- Himanshu Thapa
Himanshu is the top scorer from the last match, he scored 5 goals against Red star Football club in the
first match of the tournament.
Super Subs – Bharat Danu ( He have Scored in his Last match ) (CM/CDM)
Vishnu Prabhkar ( One Assist to His Name in the Last match ) ( RB/CB)
Pradeep Kumar (RB)
Mohit Gupta (CB/LB)
Abhishek Kumar (RB/LB)
Asim Faraz ( FW )
Atul Yadav ( LW/LB)
Rohit Trivedi (GK)
Rudra Pratap Singh (GK)
Abhishek Rawat (GK)