How AIFF selected the New Sailor for Indian Football Ship

The All India Football Federation Technical Committee has taken Interview of the three Applicants.

A) Gaioz Darsaedze of Georgia

B) Doru Isac Of Romania

C)George Castello of Portugal.

As stated by Sham Thapa , The Head of Techinal Committee AIFF.Though Scott D’Onell was one of the Applicants who had worked prevr in India, but he was not selected at last.

Faces in question: Doru Isac and Gaioz Darsaedze

But Thats not all.The funny thing about this process is, the interview of Doru Isac was done via Video Calling. Doru Isac who has Worked as assistant of Arsen Wenger had some issues with his VISA and had to do Skype from IndraGandhi International Airport,Sham Thapa the Head of Technical Commitee commented” All three are good” He also added that the committee has done every type of questions and interviewed them according to the needs of the Present situation.We have said our choices as 1and2 and 3 respectively.Now The Executive Committee will decide keeping in mind the financial consideration in mind.

The Head of Technical Committee Mr Shyam Thapa

Doru Isac is the Technical Director of Yokohoma Club of Japan. Goez Darsaje was the coach of under 17 team of Gerogia.And George Castello did PHD in Sports Science from Lisbon University.In this meeting

Doru Isac in Action

AIFF Secretary Kushal DasILeague CEO Sunanda Dhar and Deputy Chairman of Tecnical Committee Mr.Ishfaq Ahmed was also present.AIFF has aigned a MOU with AIFF with AFC..They will help to devolop the deficiency found in Indian Coaches.That will help Indian coached to be more professional as stated by Technical director Savio Maydeira.
Over the Years we have seen Indian Football is always on a back foot in terms of Taking Decision. We hope for a Fresh start.

Indian Football Team waiting for their new Boss

Now as we know Doru Isaac is new Sailor who is supposed to make Indian Football Sail through , for the current future, we expect him to take Notes of the Negatives and Positives of Indian Football all in One Notebook

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